Saturday, 28 August 2010

'Brighton Pier'

I'm currently working on producing a number of galleries; my first is based on 'Brighton'. Ideally I'd like to hold an exhibition there and it seems suitable to produce work which is more local to them. This is my first attempt in using acrylics on a 12 x 16 canvas. It’s not bad but they should get better with more practise.

'Brighton Pier' 2010, by Nicola Brooks

Exciting stuff!

I feel like I'm rekindling my friendship with art at the moment, like it were a friend I'd not seen in a while, or a friend I'd maybe said hello to when I unexpectedly bumped into them but not really had any quality time with. I'm really enjoying getting to know them again, and it actually feels like I'm getting to know myself again too as I throw myself and my emotions onto a blank page/canvas for the world to see. It’s interesting to see a new ‘me’ immerging as I develop artistically, and how my life influences my work.

I’m really excited about the future! At the moment I am literally craving art every minute of my day. Fitting it in is no longer a maybe it’s a must, and because of this I'm moving into new phase now where I am making plans. Plans include creating an official web page specifically for my art and producing a number of galleries suitable for particular audiences where I eventually want to show my work.

In the mean time I’m noting ideas and researching particular areas suitable. I am putting my self in the right place at the right time and mingling with those who know more about the craft than I do but more importantly I’m enjoying the experience. I am smiling a lot lately because I’m doing something that I love, I’m expressing myself freely with a new found confidence in my abilities. This means I can push them and get better at what I do. Hurrah! I’m looking forward to my next piece already. :)