Beth and Susan take a trip to Houston, its not their first but when Susan finds out about Beth's husband, will it be their last? If you like a story with twists, you might like this.


There is a place unseen by humans that rides across the Atlantic ocean and bares its soul to only a few who believe in things they can not see. A place called Echidna. Golden by day and purple by night it’s sky is never still for blue winged angels hang above the land and never touch the ground. It was said that if their feet touched the soil they’d burn into black ash and feed the creatures and plants, thus bringing new life and a new time. A new Echidna!


This is a thriller, about a woman who escapes her husbands chains by running away to Africa. When her husband finds out, he does everything he can to hunt her down and ruin her.


Two women from different worlds embark on a plot to assassinate of one of England’s most prestigious characters for an inheritance worth millions of pounds. Will they manage to keep their true identities a secret or will they both discover just who and what they have gotten themselves in to? Only one way to find out…


Beyond the hype of the West End which was so familiar to tourists, lay darker alleyways and deeper secrets, secrets kept by those living underground, hiding below only to appear on such evenings as this when the weather conditions forced a change of environment upon them...