Sunday, 20 June 2010

Christine Brooks

Nurture or nature? Its an interesting concept that talent is in the genes, isn’t it? Growing up I always thought I was the only one who took an interest in all things creative and artistic but I was wrong. My nan, Christine Brooks was a writer. She wrote and all the time nobody knew it. It wasn’t until she died a few years ago that my dad came across a box under her bed of all her writings.

I was so touched to know that my passion for writing most likely began at a genetic level. Was it a sense of belonging that I felt? Was it the idea of being a part of something my nan herself had a love for? This and more. It overwhelms me to think of her sometimes.

My dad, he gave this box of her writings to me and in honour of my nan and her talent I’ve decided to share my favourite piece that she wrote with you. It may be small but I think it says a lot.

The impossible
(By Christine Brooks)

We the unloved
have done the impossible
for the ungrateful
for so long
we are now qualified
to do anything
with nothing

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