Thursday, 1 July 2010

Creative communication - what is it we are trying to express?

(This is a good example of a write less than 300 words... otherwise known as dribble!!)

Is there a desire for us as artists or in fact us as humans to be understood, and is it this desire that drives our creative force into action?

Is it the idea of communicating to another person through visual arts that brings about a new language between the artist and their audience, one where an experience or an emotion can be replicated in a single sentence or movement? And if we succeed in communicating do we in effect feel more accepted in society?

Is it the need to express a thought, idea or emotion, a need for peace within ourselves that allows us to express through our creative means in a way that others can't?

I believe limitations can sometimes do us justice. Those with disability such as autism, or a lack of stability and communication or difficulty in their upbringing... Even something as simple as being the shy child, can arouse their creative communication.

It's this desire to express and be understood, to inspire and build a sense of appreciation in those around us that drives me forward. And more than this, I want to prove to myself that I am capable of anything I put my heart into despite my own limitations.

I believe we are all capable, given the right environment and means to be and do...

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